Spinwiches: Sweet & Savory

The Spinwiches model is set up to help redefine the category of fast-casual dining by pairing traditional Hungarian sweet bread with a fusion of Southern cuisine.

What are Savory Spins?

Our Spins Bread is based on the traditional Hungarian/Romanian product called Kürtőskalács. The bread is constructed by wrapping a strip of dough onto a specialized rolling pin which is then glazed and baked by rotating over a heat source. Often referred to as "Chimney Cake" because when the cylindrical pastry is removed from its cooking roll, smoke can be seen rising from the middle thus resembling a smoking chimney. The concept goes back over 300 years and refers to a traditional yeast dough product that originated in Transylvania, which used to be part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

At Spinwiches: Sweet & Savory, we have adapted this ancient bread technique and elevated it to a higher level. We offer savory versions filled with our homemade fare such as Chicken Salad or BBQ Pulled Pork. We also offer a variety of Dessert Spins that are designed to tempt your tastebuds.

For Whatever Mood You're In


Chicken Salad

Made with white meat chicken, mayo, sour cream, herbs, celery, chopped walnuts and black pepper. Topped with lettuce and tomato.

Curried Apple Egg Salad

We elevate the standard egg salad by adding apples, raisins, walnuts, celery and a savory curry. Bold in flavor, this is an option worth checking into!

Ham & Swiss

Hickory Smoked Ham and Baby Swiss with mayo, mixed greens and tomato.